There is strong demand for a school like the Bronx Arts and Science Charter School. Parents are in need of additional public school options to help them find the most suitable learning environment for their children. According to a report by the Independent Budget Office of the City of New York, “The city’s public schools were nearly 75,000 seats short in 2013, with overcrowding posing a problem across the five boroughs…’Even with new seats, we recognize that overcrowded buildings exist in certain geographic pockets throughout the city,’ Elizabeth Rose, acting deputy chancellor for the DOE’s Division of Operations, said last week at a City Council hearing…Rose noted that 80 percent of overcrowded buildings house elementary schools.

“District 10 — which includes the ritzy areas of Riverdale, the lower-income areas in the Central Bronx and is home to Bronx Science — is the borough’s most overcrowded and best-performing district, according to Insideschools. Nearly 5,000 seats would have been needed in 2013 to handle overcrowding, and though the district is slated to get more than 3,000 new seats over the next several years, it will still have overcrowding issues, the IBO found.” [1]
Parents cite non-compliance by traditional public schools of sibling priority enrollment policies, poor communication, and stifling overcrowding as top concerns. Class sizes are pushed way beyond what is functional. Leonie Haimson, of the advocacy group Class Size Matters, stated, “Students have lost their cluster rooms, are assigned to lunch as early as 10 a.m., and/or have no access to the gym…many special needs students are forced to receive their services in hallways or closets rather than in dedicated spaces.” [2]
The Bronx Arts & Science Charter School will serve the needs of Community School District 10, beginning with kindergarten through grade 2, and growing one grade per year through grade 5. Class sizes will not exceed twenty students, allowing for individualized and small-group instruction based upon an education model which utilizes additional support teachers and ancillary staff. With the Bronx being one of the most diverse geographic locations within the Northeast and in the entire United States, the Bronx ASCS will acknowledge and address this with utmost fidelity by individualizing academic and co-curricular programs to meet the specific needs of the school community. Admission to the school shall not be limited on the basis of intellectual ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, athletic ability, disability, race, creed, gender, national origin, religion, or ancestry.

The following information details the total school enrollment of District 10; data is sorted by mutually exclusive race.[3]


Due to the proposed school building’s location, we anticipate an influx of students from the Fordham section of the Bronx, which correlates with zip code 10458. According to the census report, approximately 64% of the population in this zip code is Hispanic or Latino; 26% is Black or African American; and 10% is White or other. [4]
iLearn Schools is a non-profit charter management organization (CMO) based in Northern New Jersey that seeks to bring its successful academic model to serve the students in the Bronx.  Our rationale for selecting this specific community is our success with students with similar backgrounds in our campuses in New Jersey.

With a diverse population across its 8 campuses, iLearn Schools serve similar populations that are not only aligned with the complete census data for District 10, but also specifically with the Fordham section of the Bronx. iLearn Schools is eager to work diligently within the Bronx community to complement and enhance the current educational landscape, to establish immediate relationships and collaboration between the charter school and the current public schools, families, and the community at large, and to offer the students of District 10 a quality, rigorous, and individualized public charter school education.